The Transformers Committee has awarded UST President Robert Degeneff with the IEEE PES Technical Committee Distinguished Service award. We are honored to have Robert receive this award and look forward to continuing to provide excellent service in the years to come.

April 27, 2016

Dr. Robert C. Degeneff
2315 Cayuga Road
Niskayuna, New York 12309

Dear Bob:

IEEE PES Technical Committee Distinguished Service AwardCongratulations! It is my sincere pleasure to inform you that the Transformers Committee has selected you as our 2015 recipient of the IEEE PES Technical Committee Distinguished Service Award “for your long term continuing service and support for technical excellence in transformer standards.”

This award recognizes the outstanding distinguished individual service and consists of an award plaque with engraved citation. This personal recognition acknowledges the efforts of your sustained performance over many years and your contributions to the advancement of the Transofmers Committee technology. On behalf of the IEEE/PES Transformers Committee, I am sincerely grateful for your long tenured technical leadership on the many important standards that were developed with your contributions and technical leadership

Given that some time has lapsed since we prepared the award, I am certain that we will not be able to keep this a secret from you much longer, therefore, I am sending the enclosed award plaque to you now. We had originally planned to present this award to you in person, with a bit of a “surprise factor” at the Memphis meeting last October and then again at the Atlanta meeting last month, but due to your busy travel schedule, we did not have the opportunity to provide the well deserved recognition to you in person. It is my sincere hope that you could join us at our next meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (October 23-27) where we could properly recognize your contributions.

Once again, congratulations to you on this well-deserved recognition and we hope to see you at our next meeting.

Bill Chiu Signature
Bill Chiu
Chair of Recognition & Awards Subcommittee
2014 – 2015