Modern facilities have first-world power demands, no matter where in the world they are located.

UST power conditioners fully compensate for the sags and brownouts common in developing regions, allowing factories, offices and embassies to significantly reduce their reliance on noxious diesel and safely connect to the local grid.

Plug Into First-world Power Anywhere On the Planet.

The demands of global competition and international relations dictate that governments staff outposts and manufacturers build factories in remote regions of the world.

But modern facilities often require a level of power quality local utilities simply cannot guarantee. To compensate, facility managers are often forced to build expensive co-generation power solutions, and sometimes run “backup” diesel generators 24 hours a day!

But generators are a loud and expensive solution.

Products ComposedDon’t Cut the Power; Condition It.

UST manufactures a full line of industrial-grade power conditioners – electronic voltage regulators (EVRs) with patented microprocessor-controlled tap-switching technology – capable of reacting to, and completely compensating for, variations in incoming voltage, within a single cycle.

The result is clean power, and effective full power, even through extended brownouts.

For government, industrial or commercial outposts forced to draw power from a suboptimal grid – or suffer the consequences of diesel – UST voltage regulators are a cost-effective, completely reliable and completely noiseless solution.


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