Don’t blame the motor for bringing your production line to a halt. Don’t blame the bulb for burning out before it’s reached half its expected life.

Blame power quality problems for killing your profitability.

Don’t Expose Your Facility to Your Utility.

Although your local utility will never admit it, surges, sags, swells, harmonic distortions and a host of other power anomalies remain an all-too-common feature of just about every grid, everywhere on the planet.

Developed world. Developing world. Everywhere.

You may not be able to sense transient voltage fluctuations, but your motors can. So can your lights. And they react badly – by failing unexpectedly and long before they should.

Products ComposedProtect Your Profits from the Dirty Grid.

UST manufactures a full line of industrial-grade power conditioners – electronic voltage regulators (EVRs) with patented microprocessor-controlled tap-switching technology – capable of reacting to, and completely compensating for, variations in incoming voltage within a single cycle.

It’s Industrial-Grade Protection.

For factories, mills, data centers, large retailers – or any business or institution with significant acreage under roof – UST voltage regulators can generate positive ROI in as little as 12 months. How? By delivering a level of premium power that offers insurance against damaging surges and sags and maximizes the working life of expensive electronics, production-line motors, HVAC systems and high-efficiency lighting.


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