No batteries. Near-zero maintenance. The SagFighterNXT™ smoothly and continuously regulates voltage to +/-1%.

SagFighterNXT is purpose-designed for demanding semiconductor manufacturing, scientific, medical and university applications. In cases where voltage sags, not power failures, are the primary concern, the SagFighterNXT is the UPS alternative.


Key Features

  • SEMI-F47 compliant
  • Single phase
  • 2.5 to 10kVA
  • Deep sag correction without batteries or energy storage
  • Continuous, smooth, high-speed voltage correction (1/2 cycle)
  • Virtually maintenance free fully electronic design
  • Rack-mount or free-standing designs
  • Compatible with all load types
  • 98% efficient

The single-phase solid state device delivers smooth and continuous voltage, correcting both overvoltage and sags to +/-1% within 1/2 cycle. UST welcomes inquiries from system designers, facility managers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).