UST Voltage Optimization White Paper

Voltage Optimization: Beyond the Hype

What’s the real ROI of voltage optimization for industrial and commercial enterprises? Here’s the no BS answer.


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Without resorting to exaggerated marketing claims, this white paper suggests that demand-side voltage optimization via the latest generation of lower cost automatic voltage regulators may now offer a solid return on investment for many industrial and commercial enterprises.

Wind Turbines

Europe’s Green Grid Driving Demand for Voltage Optimization Solutions

The increased use of renewable energy sources – solar and wind – across Europe is making it difficult for utilities to manage voltage variability. Gird managers are pushing voltage to the high side to compensate .

Customers seeking to lower their energy usage – for cost, carbon and equipment efficiency reasons – now have a great incentive to explore the deployment of client-side electronic voltage regulators (EVRs). Depending on local conditions, the ROI for EVRs could be realized in less than 2 years.

Commuter Railroad Yard

UPS Protection Keeps the Trains a Rollin’

UPS power-backup systems installed to protect transportation control centers and other critical facilities are set to respond to even modest over-voltage conditions. In most industrialized regions, this is not a problem, as over-voltage conditions are rare. However, in very dense urban regions, such as New York City, over-voltage is an all-too-common condition in the summer months.