The SagFighterNXT™ is the battery free, SEMI F47 compliant alternative to UPS systems for protecting critical processes in semiconductor manufacturing, automated production, computing, scientific and laboratory applications.

The single phase solid state device delivers smooth and continuous voltage at +/-1% nominal by correcting both overvoltage and sags within 1/2 cycle.


Key Features

  • SEMI-F47 compliant
  • Single phase
  • 2.5 to 10kVA
  • Deep sag correction without batteries or energy storage
  • Continuous, smooth, high-speed voltage correction (1/2 cycle)
  • Virtually maintenance free fully electronic design
  • Rack-mount or free-standing designs
  • Compatible with all load types
  • 98% efficient

The single-phase solid state device delivers smooth and continuous voltage, correcting both overvoltage and sags to +/-1% within 1/2 cycle. UST welcomes inquiries from system designers, facility managers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Precise voltage is mandatory in many high-performance manufacturing, automated production, computing, scientific and laboratory applications. While most single phase equipment is sag-tolerant, engineers often must design in battery-based UPS systems to protect voltage-critical processes.

Voltage Sags are the Dark Agent of Lost Production

Sags cost manufacturers between $20 billion and $250 billion annually in the U.S. alone! The SagFighterNXT is purpose-designed to meet the demand for perfect power across single phase applications of 2.5kVA or greater.

UPS Systems are a Problematic Voltage Conditioning Solution

UPS systems require constant monitoring, regular servicing and are dependent on batteries that must be regularly replaced, usually in a 3 to 5 year schedule. In fact, the complexity and maintenance demands of these systems often lead managers to simply not protect important systems and devices due to limited resources.

Purpose-Designed to Deliver High-Performance Voltage

The SagFighterNXT regulates voltage to within +-1% nominal, within ½ cycle, smoothly, continuously, with no moving parts, no maintenance (other than a routine annual checkup and cleaning), and no batteries! In virtually all situations where voltage conditioning is the primary concern, and where total power loss is of little concern, SagFighterNXT is the better solution.

The SagFighterNXT™ active voltage conditioner (AVC) continuously monitors a single phase input voltage waveform for any deviation, and upon sensing a voltage irregularity, the unit will automatically correct both overvoltage and voltage sags back to within a very tight output tolerance.

Installation is simple. The unit arrives completely assembled and requires no programming, testing, measuring or setting of switches. Installers need simply place the unit and make input and output wiring connections. The SagFighterNXT typically has no maintenance schedule other than routine inspection and cleaning.

Power Rating / Size (kVA)2.5, 5, 7.5, 10
Phase - Frequency (Hz)1Ø, 60Hz
Standard Input/Output Voltages60Hz: 120, 208 240 (50Hz units also available. Contact factory for details and voltage options)

Regulation / Operating Characteristics
Input Voltage Limits to Meet Output Regulation Specification+30% to -40% standard with +/-1% output. Semi-F47 compliance: (-50% sag for 200ms) with +/- 5% output
Output RegulationNominal voltage +/- 1% continuous
Response TimeFull sag correction within 1/2 cycle, regardless of load or power factor
Correction DurationSags corrected for 100 seconds (or more), regardless of load or power factor
Regulation VariationNone - Regulation constant for 0 to 100% load and any load power factor
Harmonic DistortionNone at nominal voltage
Overload / Inrush Capability500% - 5 seconds
Load / Power FactorNo minimum load or power factor limitations; compatible with all load types
Efficiency98% typical
Operating EnvironmentPerformance specifications are based on the input (source) voltage meeting IEEE 519 standards
Operating Frequency +/- 3% of nominal frequency
Failsafe Electronic BypassAuto-actuation on high temp; over-current, component failure with no loss of load

TechnologyMicroprocessor-controlled, inverter-based series voltage injection
TransformerCopper wound, dry-type series transformer (2W+G, input and output)
CoolingNatural convection cooling (optional rack-type enclosures are forced air)
EnclosureNema-1 freestanding enclosure; other enclosure options available - contact factory
Input / Output TerminationsHardwired: rear-mounted input and output terminal block. Optional plugs available upon request.
Cabling / ConnectionsSee enclosure drawing for cable entry/exit options.
Indicating LightsBypass, Regulating, OverTemp
Audible Sound LevelLess than 65dB @ 1 meter
ControlsAutomatic operation - no control programming or user adjustments required
MonitoringContacts for remote status of unit are included

Environmental Requirements
Temperature - HumidityAmbient operating conditions: 32˚F to 104˚F (0 to 40˚C) - Relative humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Operating Altitude0 to 3,300 ft. (1,000 M)

UST SagFighterNXT™ Options
Frequecny: 50Hz5Required to identify 50 Hz units are 60 Hz.
Non-Standard EnclosureEStandard UST enclosure is a NEMA-1 indoor design. Custom indoor or outdoor enclosures are available based on end user specifications. Contact UST for further clarification on specific enclosure design requirements.
Rack-style enclosure (2kva and 5kva only)
Unidentified Options (custom)QOptions designed to meet specific customer requirements not considered standard by UST.
VoltmeterDigital voltage metering available for either input or output of the SagFighterNXT. Contact factory for specific requirements. Choice of enclosure may have an impact on volt meter options.