Perfect Power. Planetwide.

UST is a pioneer in the design and application of advanced voltage regulation products

Into-the-Machine-600UST specializes in demand-side voltage control, a market that is growing exponentially as electrical requirements become ever more precise and the grid becomes ever more complicated.

The company was founded by Dr. Robert Degeneff, a former General Electric engineer and RPI professor. UST shipped its first SureVolt™ in 2000. Today, more than 1,000 installations later, the company’s products – SureVolt™, SagFighter™ EcoVolt™ and MiniEVR™ – are protecting critical facilities in more than 40 countries around the globe.

Because of UST

  • Managers at high-tech manufacturing facilities can insure against production-halting sags and other voltage anomalies, while greatly reducing reliance on battery-based backup systems.
  • Municipal authorities can protect airports, subways, embassies, defense installations and other critical public infrastructure from both short-term and long-term voltage issues, even in regions of the world where the grid is sub-optimal.
  • Sustainability managers can cut costs and reduce carbon output across an enterprise and extend equipment life, without causing one second of downtime.

Designed and Built in the United States

UST is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, and all of its products are designed and built in the United States.

Its engineers combine deep product knowledge with consulting expertise. They work directly with client-side consulting engineers and project managers to ensure that solutions perform perfectly, no matter how unique the power issue or how demanding the field conditions.

TestingAll UST units are designed and built in the company’s upstate New York facility, where engineers work side-by-side with skilled assemblers. The company’s team-oriented process ensures that every unit is fully tested and ready for service before it is shipped.

On a Mission

UST respects the skills and hard work of the world’s utility managers. But the engineers at UST know there are limits to the level of service power companies can provide. Economics dictate that utilities deliver average voltage to all customers.

In heavily industrialized urban areas, average often means a high rate of sags, voltage that is not optimum for the user or voltage that frequently drifts out of spec. In developing regions, average often means long-term brownouts. And surprisingly, in regions where a high percentage of power is generated by wind, solar and other modern renewable resources, average often means wastefully, sometimes even damagingly high voltage.

UST’s mission is to design and deliver demand-side solutions that provide consulting engineers and the owners and managers of factories, offices, medical institutions, retail chains, school districts, transportation centers, power plants, refineries and other critical facilities affordable options for perfecting utility power at the point it enters their buildings.