UST SureVolt

SUREVOLT™ Automatic Voltage Regulator

Safely bridge voltage anomalies of any duration and ensure maximum uptime and motor life. Safely operate on grid voltage anywhere in the world. The UST SureVolt™ automatic voltage regulator balances three-phase power while providing tightly controlled voltage through both transient and longer-term low and high voltage events.

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UST SagFighter

SAGFIGHTER™ Active Voltage Conditioner

Don’t let voltage sags impact yield, corrupt data or interrupt production. The UST SagFighter active voltage conditioner uses ultra-fast correcting technology to compensate for unavoidable power problems caused by transmission line disturbances and common weather-related disturbances.

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MINIEVR™ Active Voltage Regulator

Full industrial-grade protection in an incredibly small and easy to install package. Unlike computer-grade products, the 5kVA, 7.5kVA and 10kVA UST MiniEVR™ automatic voltage regulator is designed for frequent high-inrush current and low-power factor loads without the need to oversize the product or sacrifice reliability.

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UST EcoVolt™ Automatic Voltage Optimizer and Regulator

ECOVOLT™ Voltage Optimizer and Automatic Voltage Regulator

Protect critical equipment from damaging electrical events economically. The UST EcoVolt™ automatic voltage optimizer and voltage regulator allows commercial enterprises to optimize voltage to match individual facility needs, exactly, even in regions of the world where utility power is poor.

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UST Current Balancer

UST Current Balancer

The UST Current Balancer protects pumps from harmful overheating and vibration caused by unequal incoming phase-to-phase voltage that can shorten motor life up to 75%. Our Current Balancer automatically provides continuous balanced current to keep motors operating within OEM recommended specifications.

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