Commuter Railroad Yard

UPS Protection Keeps the Trains a Rollin’

UPS power-backup systems installed to protect transportation control centers and other critical facilities are set to respond to even modest over-voltage conditions. In most industrialized regions, this is not a problem, as over-voltage conditions are rare. However, in very dense urban regions, such as New York City, over-voltage is an all-too-common condition in the summer months.


The SureVolt™ is a Sure Thing at One Upstate New York Hospital

When a large regional hospital in upstate New York needed to protect mission-critical equipment and processes, they turned to Productivity Partners, Inc., a power-quality product and solution provider in Fairport, New York.

When meeting with Productivity Partners, the hospital outlined a number of challenges it faced in its efforts to preserve and protect its medical imaging equipment and, more importantly, the integrity of the resulting medical images.


UV Disinfection Systems and Power Quality

There are 52,000 community drinking water systems in the United States that come under the scope of new rules issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to improve public drinking water safety. Compliance with these news rules has significantly increased interest in the use of ultraviolet light (UV) water disinfection systems. However, UV systems are known to shutdown unexpectedly due to power quality problems: leaving the drinking water flow untreated. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the reason for the use of UV disinfection systems and the implications of and solutions for their sensitivity to power quality problems.


Energy Efficiency and Power Quality in Schools

Addressing energy efficiency in schools, the U.S. Department of Energy says, “For existing schools, implementing energy-efficient operations and maintenance strategies can enable school districts to save as much as 20% in energy costs, extend the life of equipment, and improve the overall physical environment in their school facilities.” DOE further comments about energy efficiency planning, “Addressing O&M considerations at the start of a project can contribute greatly to improved working environments, higher productivity, and reduced energy and resource costs.”