Electronic Voltage Regulation Case Study CoverA UST WHITE PAPER

The economic case for adding electronic voltage regulation to backup power systems at hotels, resorts and casinos.

As the demand for exotic travel experiences grows, resort developers are increasingly building in places where power quality remains a significant challenge – the Caribbean, Central America, South America, the South Pacific, much of Africa, and parts of Asia. Until very recently, in order to ensure that essential services could be maintained, engineers had to design backup power systems that would start the moment a power anomaly occurred, sever the connection to the local grid and supply power independently, not only during blackouts, but also during more prevalent brownouts, sags and surges.

Within the last decade, an extremely reliable and low maintenance technology, electronic voltage regulators (EVRs), transformers equipped with electronic on-load tap changers, have proven very effective at compensating for variations in incoming voltage.

This paper explores the compelling financial analysis used by more and more hospitality industry decision makers when adding an EVR as the third component of their power conditioning system.