What is power quality?

Power quality means different things to different people, but it is generally an all-encompassing term used to describe the consistency and desirable characteristics, or lack thereof, of electrical power from its generation, delivery and usage. In nearly all cases, power quality is synonymous with voltage quality.

What are power quality problems?

For most people, power quality problems are anything related with electric power that interferes with the proper operation of their electrical devices. There are numerous specific types of power quality problems, each with their own causes and effects.

What causes poor power quality?

The causes of poor power quality run the gamut from squirrels or hot summer days to the failure of equipment on the electric utility’s system. Some causes can be corrected or eliminated while many others are out of anyone’s control, at any price.

What are the symptoms of poor power quality?

The symptoms of poor power quality can be as subtle as motors that prematurely fail every few years or as obvious as equipment that shuts down or as catastrophic as burned out circuit boards.

How do I fix a power quality problem?

Solutions to power quality problems are dictated by

  1. The cause of the problem and its effect
  2. To what extent the problem needs to be corrected
  3. The financial value of correcting the problem

There is no single solution to any power quality problem, but the first and most critical step is to understand the problem and its effects.

Isn’t the electric utility responsible to fix my power quality problems?

Yes and no.

Yes – as long as they, the utility, are the cause of the problem and it is within their capability to fix it. But, electric utilities are only required to provide power within a broad set of limits.

No – the electric utility can’t and won’t take responsibility for problems that are outside of their control or are acts of nature, God, etc.

The long and short of the matter is that most electric utilities deliver power as they are required to do: nothing more and nothing less. It is very easy to determine if a problem is the fault of utility, which it rarely is. The vast majority of the time, power quality problems arise due to situations and conditions downstream from the electric meter (where the utility’s responsibility ends).

What types of power quality problems do UST products address?

UST produces a unique line of products to solve a broad range AC voltage problems for commercial and industrial applications. Sizes range from 3 to 2,000 kVA and up to 600 volts. Chronically high, low or fluctuating voltages, deep voltage sags, unbalanced voltages and unbalanced currents are just some of the power quality solutions provided by UST.

Can you help me with my power quality problem?

Call us. We will be happy to help you find a solution to your power quality problem. Even if we don’t have a solution within our product line, we will do our best to point you to someone who does.