SureVolt™ – Automatic Voltage Regulator

Safely bridge voltage anomalies of any duration and ensure maximum uptime and motor life. Safely operate on grid voltage anywhere in the world. The UST SureVolt™ automatic voltage regulator balances three-phase power while providing tightly controlled voltage through both transient and longer-term low and high voltage events.

Surevolt specs

SagFighter™ – Active Voltage Conditioner

Don’t let voltage sags impact yield, mangle data or interrupt production. The UST SagFighter active voltage conditioner uses ultra-fast correcting technology to compensate for unavoidable power problems caused by transmission line disturbances and common weather-related disturbances.

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SagFighter™ NanoPro – Active Voltage Conditioner

Built on our proven SagFighter™ platform, UST’s new SagFighter NanoPro actively prevents unavoidable electrical issues from interrupting production, introducing errors and reducing chip yield. NanoPro corrects utility-related and weather-related voltage sags within 2 milliseconds – before they can impact power-sensitive components or processes.

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UST EcoVolt™ Automatic Voltage Optimizer and Regulator

EcoVolt™ – Voltage Optimizer and Automatic Voltage Regulator

Protect critical equipment from damaging electrical events economically. The UST EcoVolt™ automatic voltage optimizer and voltage regulator allows commercial enterprises to optimize voltage to match individual facility needs, exactly, even in regions of the world where utility power is poor.

EcoVolt specs

In addition, UST can design and build custom solutions to meet even the most demanding voltage regulation and power conditioning requirements.