UST SagFighter™

SagFighter™ – Active Voltage Conditioner

Protect critical production equipment against random voltage sags typically caused by transmission line disturbances or naturally occurring weather-related events. The UST SagFighter™ active voltage conditioner uses ultra fast correcting technology to ride through deep voltage sags common to both urban and remote industrial areas throughout the world.

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SureVolt™ – Automatic Voltage Regulator

Safely bridge all voltage anomalies and ensure maximum uptime and motor life for valuable production equipment while safely operating on grid voltage. The UST SureVolt™ automatic voltage regulator provides tightly controlled voltage through both transient and longer-term low or high voltage events, while balancing three-phase power.

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UST EcoVolt™ Automatic Voltage Optimizer and Regulator

EcoVolt™ – Voltage Optimizer and Automatic Voltage Regulator

Cut your electricity costs. Reduce your carbon footprint. Protect critical equipment from damaging electrical events. The UST EcoVolt™ automatic voltage optimizer and voltage regulator allows commercial enterprises of any size to optimize voltage to match individual facility needs, exactly.

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SagFighterNXT™ – High-Performance Voltage Management

The UST SagFighterNXT™ is the UPS replacement in cases where voltage sags, not power failures, are the primary concern. The SagFighterNXT is a single phase solid state electronic voltage sag corrector and voltage conditioner. SEMI-F47 compliant, the SagFighterNXT operates without batteries or energy storage, correcting sags of -40% to +/-1% and to -50% +/-5% within 1/2 cycle.

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MiniEVR™, Current Balancer and Custom Voltage Regulation Products

In addition to the products listed above, UST offers the MiniEVR™, an automatic voltage regulator that provides the same power-conditioning capabilities as our SureVolt in an economical, small single-phase arrangement, and our Current Balancer, which protects pumps from overheating and vibration caused by unequal incoming phase-to-phase voltage.

In addition, UST can design and build custom solutions to meet even the most demanding voltage regulation and power conditioning requirements.

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