Power fluctuations can destroy mission-critical equipment, disrupt sensitive patient procedures and completely destroy multi-year, multi-million-dollar research projects…in a flash.

A lightning strike, a falling tree, or something as simple as an internal system coming online are all potential threats.

A UPS is Weak Insurance.

Hospitals and research institutions have traditionally relied upon battery-powered UPS systems to protect against dangerous short-term power anomalies – surges, sags, swells and brownouts. But UPSs are high maintenance and notoriously subject to failure.

When a single electrical “event” lasting less than a second can destroy an MRI, an electron microscope or many years’ worth of non-replicable data, a more reliable solution is required.

Products ComposedProtect Your Critical Equipment with a UST Power Conditioner.

UST manufactures a full line of industrial-grade power conditioners – electronic voltage regulators (EVRs) with patented microprocessor-controlled tap-switching technology – offering far more reliable power protection than battery-based UPSs.

Industrial-grade protection. No maintenance. No moving parts. No failures.

When you place a UST power conditioner between the grid and your critical equipment, you can be assured that common electrical anomalies, of any intensity or duration, will be stopped and corrected, within a single cycle.

No other technology comes close to providing the level of protection and security offered by UST.


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