Power-Backup Systems FailureUST has just published a new article that will be of interest to managers responsible for maintaining UPS power-backup systems at data centers and other critical facilities.

Power-Backup Systems White PaperBased on UST’s recent white paper, The Weakness at the Heart of Data Center Power-Backup Systems. And the Fix, the article supports UST’s contention that the basic configuration of power-backup systems should be updated to include automatic voltage regulators as standard components.

Within the last decade, automatic or electronic voltage regulators (EVRs) equipped with electronic on-load tap changers have proven capable of reliably and efficiently compensating for variations in incoming voltage.

The potential cost savings are significant. UST estimates that by installing an EVR, the average U.S. data center would save as much as $1,800,000 over the 10-year lifespan of a UPS system.

EVRs minimize and balance variations in voltage to protect equipment that draws electricity from a poor power source, ensuring consistent voltage.

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