UST Power was delighted to work with ABWE, Memorial Christian Hospital, and Lehman Engineering to help provide a SureVolt for this extensive hospital renovation in Bangladesh. Below is a thank you from ABWE.


Dear David,

I’d like to give you a Construction update on the Memorial Christian Hospital Renewal project in Bangladesh and Thank You for your participation in the project. First some background as taken from the ABWE Message Magazine Issue 1, 2019.

“The beginnings of the Memorial Christian Hospital in South Asia came in 1959. Recognizing the great physical needs to the people of East Pakistan, a small group of NGO team members followed God’s leading and founded MCH in 1966. Today it is one of the area’s major surgical resources, performing more than 2000 surgeries and seeing over 50,000 patients a year.

When Dr. Kelley and his family arrived on the field in 1996, they were sobered by the aging facility where they had come to work. It was considerably more crowded and run-down than any of the old photos or the video we had seen, Dr. Kelley said. More than 30 years of heavy use, combined with ravages of the tropical climate and needs of the exploding population, had pushed the facility into inadequacy. And as medicine and technology rapidly advanced, so did the need for an updated facility.”

With an aging medical facility and lack of adequate space as noted above, this started the Field praying and seeking counsel from the ABWE Project Office. Various personnel from the ABWE Project Office and Specialty Resource personnel provided assistance with planning in the late 1990s and through 2006. Then, in mid-2006, the ABWE Board approved the MCH Hospital Renewal project and this would start the process of finalizing project details and start raising the funds for this $7.6 million dollar project.

Construction on the MCH Hospital Renewal Project started in 2013 after it was determined that adequate funds for the major part of the 126,000 square feet Hospital facility were available. We feel steady progress was made each year, especially in light of the type of construction, size of the overall facility, major technical details since it is Hospital construction and lack of adequate equipment locally, like pump-trucks, etc. In fact, as we looked at other building timelines of similar magnitude in Bangladesh, we feel we are ahead or right on target for our construction timeline. In summary, we will be completed with the Hospital Construction at the end of October of 2019, with just a few punch list items to complete. In fact, the first part of October, the Business Office for the Hospital moved into the new Hospital facility. In the coming months, other Departments will move into the new Hospital facility and at this time the Hospital Staff are anticipating the first patient activity to happen on January 24th, 2020 and a Grand Opening Celebration on February 28th, 2020. (NOTE: First patient activity and Grand Opening Celebration dates will be finalized by the Field Medical Team.)

On behalf of ABWE and the Project Office Ministry, we would like to thank you for all the assistance you provided. Thanks for providing the voltage regulator at a discounted price and consulting with Lehman Engineering, etc. We sure appreciate all of your assistance. This was such a Team effort and we give God all the credit for how He has used so many people around the globe to either provide architectural drawings, engineering, building supplies, Project Office personnel, Specialty Resource personnel and provisions by so many personnel over the years. We give thanks to everyone that contributed your gifts and talents to serve on the MCH Hospital Renewal Project.

In summary, thanks again for all of your assistance and we know that through your efforts and contribution to the project, God is going to use the MCH Hospital in Bangladesh to reach the Lost with the Gospel.

God Bless,

Bill Hanson
Director Project Office
ABWE International

“Carrying out the Great Commission through proper planning and construction of ministry related facilities around the world.”

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