What’s the real ROI of voltage optimization for industrial and commercial enterprises? Here’s the no B.S. answer.

Voltage optimization is a hot topic. With utilities slow to get “smart” on the delivery side, private companies have stepped in with solutions that promise to optimize voltage on the demand side.

If the Internet is to be believed, equipment exists that can cut electrical usage by 10% to 30%, or more, through voltage optimization. But the marketing hype surrounding voltage optimization has generated considerable pushback. Critics point out that voltage optimization often has little impact on actual energy consumption. But while critics are probably correct relative to most domestic single-phase electrical applications, a more compelling case can be made for voltage optimization in three-phase industrial and commercial instances.

Without resorting to exaggerated claims, this white paper provides data that suggests demand-side voltage optimization via the latest generation of lower-cost automatic voltage regulators may now offer a solid return on investment for many industrial and commercial enterprises.