7 May 2014
Contact: Robert Degeneff
(518) 326-4142

Watervliet, NY – Utility Systems Technologies, Inc. (UST) announces market expansion of its best-selling electronic voltage regulators (SureVolt™) into the data center industry. UST is placing particular emphasis on providing power solutions for data centers that call upon their standard UPS systems (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to regulate voltage and supply constant back-up power.

Data Centers have become a necessity for global enterprise, supplying reliable and consistent power for numerous critical business applications. Yet electrical deficiencies still exist in most data centers and unplanned outages hinder facility managers’ ability to achieve cost effectiveness. The average data center, which is 12,558 square feet, experiences unplanned outages that commonly cost $700,000. According to data center professionals, UPS failures cause these costly outages 25% of the time.

At least half of these outages, and perhaps as many as 90%, would be avoided if these relatively fragile systems were not required to operate as frequently. Subsequently, UST has found that the majority of ‘electrical events’ that UPS systems are called on to manage are actually transient electrical events rather than complete outages, which would better be handled by an automatic voltage regulator.

Efforts throughout the industry to offer ‘green’ or ‘eco-mode’ options, which in theory rectify UPS inefficiencies, have come with little success. Despite the potential cost-savings associated with the technology, facility managers often avoid enabling it, citing significant risk and electrical protection loss as their reasons.

As an alternative, an EVR-protected UPS system – which would separate the power-conditioning function from the power-backup function – can achieve the electrical efficiency promised by eco-mode enabled UPS systems while simultaneously and significantly reducing the risk of UPS-caused outages. In their most recent whitepaper, UST investigated this alternative; using conservative figures they calculated that over a ten year period a 500kVa facility using an EVR-protected system could experience savings up to $334,000 in operating costs.

UST’s products are widely used by hospitals, research institutions, industrial and commercial facilities and government outposts across the country and around the world. The company is looking forward to using their voltage regulation technology to assist data centers in optimizing efficiency and costs.