At embassies from Angola to Mongolia to Swaziland and beyond, UST is delivering perfect power.

As the U.S. State Department has discovered – 25 times over – UST industrial-grade voltage regulators are the perfect power solution for embassies around the globe.

No more diesel during events. Fewer equipment failures. Lower operating costs. And clean, secure voltage, even when connected to a sub-optimal grid.

UST electronic voltage regulators offer

  • Greatly reduced dependency on diesel-generated power, reduced diesel noise and fumes
  • Full protection for motors, pumps and critical electronics, with loads such as HVAC, elevators, BMS, etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor custom enclosure configurations designed to withstand the most adverse climate conditions
  • Continuous operation, even through lengthy brown-outs
  • Fully electronic, low maintenance, design
  • A stellar service record
  • An experienced global installation team
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • 5kVA thru 3,000kVA (single or three phase applications)
  • Designed and built in the United States

UST has the expertise to help your government’s engineers specify and install our voltage regulation solutions, wherever your embassies, consulates or other official outposts are located.

Field tested and proven in the harshest and most demanding conditions, UST industrial-grade voltage regulators and voltage conditioners have a stellar reliability record. Over the last 15 years, UST products have become the go-to solution for power engineers seeking more reliable and less costly alternatives to diesel generators and battery backup systems.