UST Current BalancerUtility Systems Technologies (UST) has recently shipped the first of the next generation Current Balancer Units (CBU) for a 125HP pump application in southern Texas.

The Current Balancer is designed for 3-phase motor applications where the power source is supplying unbalanced current, causing excessive heat, and potentially premature motor failure. Using a high speed electronic tap switching design strategy, UST has developed this product to precisely adjust the voltage which in turn will balance the current to within 3% or less. “A 1% phase-to-phase unbalance with incoming voltage will create a 6- 10% current unbalance” says Dr. Robert Degeneff, President of Utility Systems Technologies. “The CBU monitors phase-to-phase voltage and automatically makes adjustments to insure balanced voltage and current exists on the motor circuit, and therefore promotes longer motor life, and operation within the motor manufacturer’s recommended specification”. Ideal applications for this product include submersible pumps typically used by municipalities supplying water in rural areas. UST will manufacture the product in sizes from 5kVA to 250kVA or larger if needed. Standard enclosure will be a NEMA-3R, suitable for outdoor installations.

UST is a manufacturer of electronic voltage regulators and power quality devices that are designed to improve and condition power quality for industrial & critical applications where reliable power quality is essential. The company’s products are marketed and sold throughout the world into several industries such as automotive, medical, oil & gas, food & beverage, and power generation. Other applications include government facilities, defense applications, and renewable energy. As a veteran owned business, UST has established a global presence with product in over 30 countries serving international markets from it’s manufacturing facility located in in Watervliet, New York.