Watervliet, NY – Watervliet-based Utility Systems Technologies, Inc. (UST) has just launched EcoVolt™, an affordable voltage optimization and voltage regulation solution designed to help business owners, facility engineers and sustainability managers reduce electrical usage and extend the life of voltage-dependent equipment. Applications include factories, retail centers, hotels and resorts and other commercial enterprises.

WATCH THE VIDEO: UST has published a short video explaining the features and benefits of EcoVolt.

WATCH THE VIDEO: UST has published a short video explaining the features and benefits of EcoVolt.

“Utilities are not in the business of delivering optimized voltage to most of their commercial customers,” says Robert Degeneff, UST president. “EcoVolt makes it possible for any enterprise to take control, and do what the utilities can’t, or won’t.”

To compensate for variable power demands during the course of the day, utilities often deliver higher voltage than optimum for commercial customers. This can be costly for individual businesses and unnecessarily increase carbon production. Further, voltage unbalance, a common problem for utility customers, can dramatically shorten facility lighting and equipment motor life, and negatively impact other voltage-dependent equipment.

EcoVolt is the first voltage optimization and voltage regulation solution built on proven AVR technology. A breakthrough in affordable engineering, EcoVolt provides full protection from all electrical events while simultaneously fine-tuning voltage to match the needs of individual facilities, exactly.

The project was funded, in part, by a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) product development grant. UST has leveraged its technology to solve a range of power conditioning and power optimization issues for customers worldwide.

“When combined with complete protection against damaging electrical events, EcoVolt sets a new global standard for perfect power,” Degeneff says. “It will save commercial enterprises money. It will reduce carbon production. And the ROI is fantastic. We project EcoVolt will pay for itself in a little as two years.”

For more information about EcoVolt or other UST voltage regulation products, visit www.ustpower.com or call (518) 326-4142.

Utility Systems Technologies, Inc. (UST) is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of electronic voltage control and power-conditioning products. UST’s products are in use worldwide at hospitals, factories, refineries, embassies, data centers and other critical facilities, mitigating the risk of damaging electrical surges, sags and swells, bridging brownouts, and providing a safe connection to the local grid.