UST Power Earns UL Listed Marks For SagFighter And SureVolt

Products Meet UL’s Recognized Standards for Safety


Contact: Katie O’Loughlin


Watervliet, NY – Utility Systems Technologies (UST), a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic voltage regulation and power conditioning products, today announced two of its products have earned the UL Listed Mark. Starting immediately, UST will offer UL listed marks for several kVA configurations of both the SureVolt automatic voltage regulator and the SagFighter active voltage conditioner.

The UL listing verifies to UST customers the products they rely on to protect their most important equipment from power fluctuations have been produced to a standard that limits product risk. UL has tested SagFighter and SureVolt and confirmed they both meet UL’s nationally recognized standards for safety.

“UST has always designed our products with the highest levels of innovation,” said Bob Degeneff, president and CEO, UST. “It is important that our customers believe in the quality and safety of our products. By adding the UL Listing to our growing list of industry compliance metrics, customers can have even more confidence that the SagFighter and SureVolt products adhere to the highest levels of safety.”

As UST continues to grow and expand into new markets, UL labeling and compliance will provide an additional measure of product performance and eliminate any need for a customer to perform in-house safety compliance testing and avoid the associated expense. Buyers will be re-assured the product was fully tested and meets industry safety standards when it arrives on site, since the UL certification provides the necessary verification.

SureVolt can be offered with the following UL listings:

  • Standard SureVolt can be offered with UL listing from 20 to 75kVA in 3 phase/60Hz configurations using a NEMA-1, indoor rated (S28) enclosure.
  • Standard SureVolt can be offered with UL listing from 75 to 200kVA in 3 phase/60Hz configurations using a NEMA-1 indoor rated (S44) enclosure.
  • Options to the SureVolt product may also be available under the UL listing. Contact factory for specific details surrounding available options.

SagFighter is now offered with the following UL Listings:

  • Standard SagFighter is offered with UL listing from 50 to 275kVA in 3-phase/60Hz configurations using a NEMA-1 indoor rated enclosure. Available options include meters and a maintenance bypass.
  • Additional SagFighter models up to 450kVA may be available with UL listing subject to specific unit configuration. Contact factory for more details and clarification.

SureVolt or SagFighter units that do not fall into the above noted size categories can be manufactured with certifications through a one-time inspection process offering CSA or TUV labeling.


Utility Systems Technologies, Inc. (UST) is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of electronic voltage control and power-conditioning products. UST’s products are in use worldwide at hospitals, factories, refineries, embassies, data centers and other critical facilities, mitigating the risk of damaging electrical surges, sags and swells, bridging brownouts, and providing a safe connection to the local grid. For more information about UST, visit their website at