December 12, 2013
Contact: Robert Degeneff

Watervliet, NY – Utility Systems Technologies, Inc. (UST) announces market expansion of its best-selling electronic voltage regulators (SureVolt™) into the hotel, casino, resort and estate industry. UST is placing particular emphasis on properties located or being developed in tourist areas where poor power quality is a recurring issue, including the Caribbean, Central and South America.

UST’s products are widely used by hospitals, research institutions, industrial and commercial facilities and government outposts across the country and around the world.

Developers and property managers in regions with unreliable power require costly mitigation to protect against repeated electrical surges, swells, sags, and brownouts. These power fluctuations erode profitability and damage critical equipment in addition to having a negative affect on customer loyalty, ratings, and revenue.

Until recently, to ensure essential services could be maintained, facility engineers had to design backup power systems that would engage the moment a power anomaly occurred, sever connection to the local grid, and supply independent power—not only during blackouts, but also during brownouts, sags and surges.

UST’s proven, patented technology is an effective, economical and highly reliable solution for economically managing variations in voltage. When a UST power conditioner is placed between an unreliable utility and a high-end facility, such as a resort, hotel or other business, electrical “events” that once required backup systems to ride through sags can now be safely bridged.

UST’s systems can sense even the smallest voltage fluctuation within a single cycle and immediately adjust electrical output by holding the output voltage constant, allowing properties to remain connected to the local grid through system brownouts, sags and surges of any duration, while delivering full power to all guest services.

UST power products can dramatically extend the working life of expensive electronic equipment and other power sensitive systems. Properties forced to draw power from a suboptimal grid also dramatically reduce reliance on diesel and generate positive return on investment in two years or less.

“Poor power quality is a real problem in many foreign countries, because it can occur anytime, anywhere and disrupt critical operations,” said Dr. Robert Degeneff, UST’s president and CEO. “Our electronic voltage regulators are recognized in more than 40 countries as a critical and reliable solution to maintaining power quality for essential operations. We are extremely pleased to be moving into the hospitality and tourism industry in regions where power quality is an ongoing management and guest concern.”

To learn more, contact Robert Degeneff or download UST’s free white paper, Quiet Generators. Happy Guests: The Economic Case for Adding Electronic Voltage Regulation to Backup Power Systems at Hotels, Resorts and Casinos.

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