UST Logo
In a dramatic update, UST introduced its new logo on May 1, 2022.

“We wanted something that felt contemporary, but also something exciting, and something that gave our prospects a better idea of what we make,” said UST president Mark Degeneffe.

SagFighterThe lightning bolt image has become a staple in many industries, particularly the power industry. UST’s goal was to include this contemporary icon in its brand, making it obvious which industry we support and the lightning fast speed at which we provide our solutions. POSTMKTG, UST’s long-term design partner, “unboxed” the company’s 8-year old logo and added the “electric” element, while maintaining a connection to the company’s legacy mark.

“Our company has a strong reputation based on decades of experience and thousands of worldwide installations,” Degeneffe said, “and we wanted the new UST logo to carry that equity forward.