3 June 2014
Contact: Robert Degeneff

Watervliet, NY – Utility Systems Technologies, Inc. (UST) (ustpower.com), one of the world’s leading power-conditioning products design and manufacturing companies, will host a free webinar on Wednesday, June 18 (watch the recording here) to discuss the details and conclusions of its recently released white paper, “The Weakness at the Heart of Data Center Power-Backup Systems. And the Fix.”

The webinar will help data center managers identify and combat the causes of costly, unplanned power outages while significantly reducing facility utility costs. UST will walk webinar participants through a recent analysis that uncovered a serious weakness in data center power-backup system design, as well as solutions to safeguard sensitive data and equipment.

Data centers often deploy and rely upon expensive battery-based Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems to ensure continuous service. These systems, however, are often tasked to do double duty—supply backup power in the event of a blackout and continuously monitor and condition power in the event of a voltage irregularity.

“A typical UPS system is called upon 40 to 60 times a year, but only a handful of those events are in response to a total power loss or voltage sag,” says Dr. Robert Degeneff, UST’s president and CEO. “Facility managers, believing they are playing it safe, dramatically increase risk of outages by overtaxing their UPS systems.”

Citing published industry research and his company’s own industry experience, Degeneff says that an overburdened UPS system can cost the average data center more than $1,800,000 in unnecessary utility charges and costs for unplanned outages over 10 years.

UST’s best-selling electronic voltage regulator, the SureVolt,™ is designed to work with traditional UPS systems by taking over the power monitoring and conditioning functions. This electrically efficient design significantly reduces utility costs and the risk of UPS-caused outages.

If adopted industry-wide, total savings may prove even greater.

“Including an EVR in the basic backup-power and power-management system design has the potential to alter the risk formulas used to determine levels of redundancy required at the UPS and data center levels,” Degeneff says.

To learn more about the economic case for adding electronic voltage regulation to standard UPS system configurations, download UST’s free white paper, “The Weakness at the Heart of
 Data Center Power-Backup Systems. And the Fix.”

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