The Weakness at the Heart of Data Center Power-Backup Systems. And the Fix.

The economic case for adding electronic voltage regulation to the standard UPS system configuration.


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The legacy design of UPS power-backup systems cost the average data center more than $130,000 in unnecessary utility charges annually. This white paper examines the risks of the legacy configuration and recommends consideration of an alternate system design that includes a modern electronic voltage regulator (EVR) as a standard component.

NYSERDA Grant Continues to Generate Profit 15 Years Later

Watervliet, NY – In 1998, Utility Systems Technologies (UST) was awarded a product development grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). As the grant’s fifteen year anniversary approaches, both UST and NYSERDA continue to profit from the collaboration. The contract negotiated between the state authority and UST stipulated that UST was to pay royalties on any sag mitigation units up to 1,000 KVA for up to fifteen years from the start of the contract. This arrangement has led to returns of upwards of $45,000 worth of royalties for NYSERDA.