Why Go Big? Vol 1

Why Go Big? – A Case Study Series

Perspectives on “all facility” voltage management from the engineering team at UST

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Depending on the threat, solutions can range from simply accepting risk, to spot protection for vulnerable equipment and processes, to modular or single-unit solutions installed to protect entire facilities and complexes.

SagFighter Performance Data

This paper presents the actual and calculated performance data for UST’s SagFighter.™


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A voltage sag is the drop below 90% of the RMS voltage on a power system for a duration of time ranging from a cycle of the AC voltage to a minute. They are far more common than interruptions, and can damage many types of industrial equipment and processes. A voltage sag lasting only 100 milliseconds can cause a shut-down of equipment in a manufacturing process leading to hours of down time and lost revenue.

Voltage Optimization: Beyond the Hype

What’s the real ROI of voltage optimization for industrial and commercial enterprises? Here’s the no BS answer.


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Without resorting to exaggerated marketing claims, this white paper suggests that demand-side voltage optimization via the latest generation of lower cost automatic voltage regulators may now offer a solid return on investment for many industrial and commercial enterprises.

The Weakness at the Heart of Data Center Power-Backup Systems. And the Fix.

The economic case for adding electronic voltage regulation to the standard UPS system configuration.


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The legacy design of UPS power-backup systems cost the average data center more than $130,000 in unnecessary utility charges annually. This white paper examines the risks of the legacy configuration and recommends consideration of an alternate system design that includes a modern electronic voltage regulator (EVR) as a standard component.