Changing Voltage Levels

One must realize that utility voltage levels are very dynamic and will most assuredly change over time – for better or for worse; instantly or over a long period. The problem is often that there is no advance warning about when, how much or in which direction they will change. An electric utility is required to provide electricity to all customers who demand it, and the utility attempts to provide the best voltage levels possible to the greatest number of customers. However, the utility usually has little control over the amount of electricity demanded by any customer at any given time. Add to this the fact that increasing use of relatively sensitive electronics in nearly all facets of business and industry and the growing need for voltage regulation becomes clearer.

Worldwide, sales of voltage regulation products of all types account for nearly $US500 million per year and are growing at nearly 10% per year. Some of the factors that account for this are:

  • Growing use of sensitive electronics in industrial and commercial settings
  • Accelerating industrialization outside North America, Europe and Northeast Asia
  • Increasing demand for electric power
  • Electric generation and distribution infrastructure limitations