10-Year Total Cost of Ownership Comparison

Based upon the above data, the inclusion of an EVR in the power-backup and power-conditioning system at data centers will lead to a clear and significant reduction in data center operating costs when measured over 10 years (the typical lifespan of a UPS backup system).

UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulator Total Cost of Ownership Graph

Note: While the total cost of ownership over 10 years of an eco-mode-enabled UPS backup-power and power-conditioning system is lower than traditional systems, these savings are only theoretical, as facility managers rarely enable the power-saving bypass feature due to risk concerns.

Payback Chart

The graph to the left compares ownership costs of a 500kVA traditional system vs. a 500kVA EVR-protected system based on base system costs (+ EVR), maintenance costs and the cost of electrical inefficiency (.10/kwh) over 10 years. It does not factor in the cost of unplanned outages.

As the graph indicates, payback is guaranteed in less than 3 years. However, factoring in the likelihood of at least one prevented UPS outage during the 10-year lifespan of a system, total savings will be greater, and payback could be realized even sooner.