Tapping the Power of an EVR

The EVR is the modern standard for voltage regulation in most power quality applications. Electronic voltage regulators minimize and balance out variations in voltage to protect equipment that draws electricity from a power source. As electronics become more prevalent in hospitality, industrial and commercial applications, the EVR’s speed and performance advantages allow it to fill a gap in backup power system design that older, slower mechanical voltage regulators cannot.

EVRs “sense” even the smallest voltage fluctuation within a single cycle and adjust electrical output by transforming the voltage coming in from the grid before passing it through to the load they serve. This allows facilities to remain safely connected to the local grid and deliver full power to all services whenever incoming voltage swings above or below a safe range—including extended brownouts. An EVR does not supply power and cannot compensate during periods of total power loss (blackout). Rather, they compensate for voltage sags, swells and brownouts. But used in conjunction with an existing generator and/or UPS, which provide blackout ride-through, an EVR is a safe, reliable and money-saving way to ride through daily, weekly and monthly power-quality issues that would otherwise require resorting to backup power generation systems. And EVRs have industrial- grade durability, an unlimited life span, and no moving parts to maintain.

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